Monday, 22 June 2015

Water Damage Repair and House Painting in Suwanee: Restoring Drywalls

Aside from ruining its structural makeup, the most frustrating thing water damage can do to a home would be the unsightly bulges, blisters, and cracks damaging the once blemish-free drywall. Hideous molds setting up shop are a bonus. The culprit comes in many faces, too: ice dam, plumbing leaks, and holed roofs, as well as drips penetrating the walling over time, resulting to stains, which can’t be concealed by regular Suwanee house painting. Sheetrock is another term for drywall because it’s made of compressed gypsum, wrapped only with a thick paper facing. Since gypsum is a very soft rock, the drywall becomes spongy as it absorbs wetness over time. Eventually, water pooling within the gypsum will make itself known by seeping under and manifesting on the painted paper face. Dry walls in damp areas such as the bathrooms are more prone to moisture damage than areas exposed to open air.

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